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I made a radiobutton group in my GUI made in GUIDE, but cannot find a callbackFcn for the radiobuttons in matlab automatically generated script, so I put the my radiobuttons code inside a function that is called by a listbox callback. Now is issue is, when I make a new selection in the radiobuttons group, my GUI only updates after I re-select what is selected earlier in the listbox.
How can I better incorporate the radiobutton code with my m-file in this case? I want my GUI to update whenever I make a new selection in the button groups... Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it!

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 9 Aug 2016
chlor - in the GUI GUIDE editor, right-click on the radio button group to bring up its pop-up menu. Select *View Callbacks -> SelectionChangeFcn*. This will put that callback within your *.m file. This callback will fire whenever you select a radio button from within this group.
chlor thanks
chlor thanks on 10 Aug 2016
Edited: chlor thanks on 10 Aug 2016
Sorry! I didn't see your comment earlier, Image Analyst. Do you mean handles.hi created in listbox_Callback? I believe it has a value, because I tried to skip the buttongroup_SelectionChangeFcn and use handles.hi directly and it hass been working fine with no errors. The issue starts after I try to use buttongroup_SelectionChangeFcn to further categorize handles.hi into handles.read and pull the new variable handles.read back into listbox_Callback for func1.

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