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How can I run MATLAB 2014a code in batch mode when it contains calls to waitbar?

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Marta le 20 Oct 2016
I have a script that I run interactively. I recently tried running it batch, and received the following error. Is there an easy way to suspend the generation of a waitbar display without having to modify the code?
Warning: waitbar is no longer supported when MATLAB is started with the -nodisplay or -noFigureWindows option or there is no display. For more information, see "Changes to -nodisplay and -noFigureWindows Startup Options" in the MATLAB Release Notes. To view the release note in your system browser, run web('www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/release-notes.html#br5ktrh-3', '-browser') > In uitools/private/warnfiguredialog at 21 In waitbar at 38

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