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How to hide "Figure" the window title bar for a matlab figure?

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SL on 23 Oct 2016
Edited: the cyclist on 23 Oct 2016
I want to retain the figure number but remove the word "Figure". I can do but it removes the figure number
f = figure('numbertitle', 'off');
MATLAB: 2016b OS: Debian 8.5


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Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 23 Oct 2016
Edited: the cyclist on 23 Oct 2016
If I am understanding you correctly, that you want the automatic figure numbering, then you can do this:
fn = get(gcf,'Number');
You can embed that second line into the last one, if you want:
You could also get clever and anticipate the current figure number from the prior figure (if there is one), and do it all in one line:
But that is getting a little hazardous in assuming a prior figure, the fact that none of the prior ones were deleted, etc. So, I would stick with one of the other versions.


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