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link data problem for a polar plot

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Robert le 3 Nov 2016
Modifié(e) : Robert le 4 Nov 2016
I am essentially using the example from the doc nearly verbatim and can't get this to work Master is a matrix that is continuously updating. The Only the Y value needs to change dynamically as the matrix changes. The X values are constant
Can someone tell me why this won't work I continue to get an error that says resolve ambiguity and when i try to select x and y it tells me its not a valid variable. This is taking place in a function not a script.
x = Master(:,1); % Angle
y = Master (:,2); % Rho
rlim([0 26]);
linkdata on
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 4 Nov 2016
Is the message as soon as you execute the linkdata on, or is it later?
Do you also happen to have x or y in the base workspace?
Is the function returning so the variables are going out of scope?
Robert le 4 Nov 2016
Modifié(e) : Robert le 4 Nov 2016
Hello Walter
No there is no other x or y in the workspace. It happens after the figure comes up
it plots the first iteration of the plot then when my loop starts to change the information in the matrix that should control the plot i get the error. I don't get why I'm having difficulty. This is literally verbatim from the link data example
The function is not returning anything. ITs purpose in life is to just to open and plot the data.

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