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How can i delate the same values in a vector ?

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Mallouli Marwa
Mallouli Marwa le 20 Jan 2017
Commenté : Mallouli Marwa le 21 Jan 2017
To find the zeros of the following equation, i have done the following program but sometimes it displays a repeated solution. So i want to do a program that delate the same solutions to obtain a vector that content the different solutions.
f = @(x) cos(x) * cosh(x) + 1;
for i= 1:40
k(i)= fzero (f, i)

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the cyclist
the cyclist le 20 Jan 2017
Do you mean you want
unique_k = unique(k)
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Stephen23 le 21 Jan 2017
You could download John D'Errico's excellent FEX submssion consolidator.
Mallouli Marwa
Mallouli Marwa le 21 Jan 2017
I download it and then what could i do ?

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