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hello, i have done a code that some people are going to use and because sometimes they run it without looking and the code needs to be used for different measures where the have a different value for a variable. e.g: file 1 a=1 and in file 2 a=1 and file 3 a=2. i would like that when you press to run the code the matlab will show a dialog box asking for the value of ´a´ . is it possible to put something like that in matlab? thanks

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Stephen23 on 7 Feb 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 7 Feb 2017
C = inputdlg({'please enter a:'});
a = str2double(C{1});
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franco otaola
franco otaola on 7 Feb 2017
you were too fast ahahahaah i was coming to delete the question because i found the asnwer and you aswered before :D. eighter way, thanks a lot!

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