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Installation error while mounting ISOs, extract error. 2016b

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MartinFJFI on 25 Feb 2017
Commented: MartinFJFI on 6 Mar 2017
I downloaded both ISOs in order to install MATLAB and I mounted the first one using Daemon Tools Lite. I chose offline installation. After some time, there was a message telling me to eject ISO 1 and insert ISO 2. I did exactly that and when I clicked OK, I got the following error.
When I click yes, it pops up again. However, in my Local\Temp\ folder, there is no mathworks_Martin.log (i checked twice) so I am not able to post it here.
I have tried mounting ISO 2 to the same drive as ISO 1 (D in my case), did not help. I mounted ISO 1 back as it was before and the error was still there, MATLAB didnt find the path, strange. It looks like as soon as I unmount ISO 1, it loses important information and cant find it after i put it back. I spent about 3 hours of my lifetime trying to complete the installation.
I also tried
  • doing it again 2 times
  • being frustrated
  • googling
Did not help. Any ideas? Thank you!

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MartinFJFI on 6 Mar 2017
So I downloaded a 2015b version, which isn't divided into 2 ISOs and it works. At least :)

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