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Execute Matlab 2014 using PHP

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Anushan Vasantharajah
Anushan Vasantharajah le 27 Fév 2017
i have to execute matlab function using php. can any one tell me the way of doing it. and the sample codes for it.
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Guillaume le 27 Fév 2017
Modifié(e) : Guillaume le 27 Fév 2017
Please use the {} Code button to format code as such (I've done it for you but please fix the indentation).
"it didn't work." is a useless statement. In what way did it not work? Gave a wrong result (if so, what did you expect and what did you get?), gave an error (if so, what is the error?), something else?
Also, it would be useful to know the content of test.m.
Anushan Vasantharajah
Anushan Vasantharajah le 27 Fév 2017
if true
% my php code
public function connectMatlab(){
$data= "Anushan";
echo $data;
$startDir = "C:\\wamp64\\www\\pdpSystem";
$cmd = "matlab -sd " . $startDir . " -r test('img (1).jpg')";
$result = exec($cmd);
if true
% matlab test.m code
function [] = test(fileName)
x = fileName;
this is my code. sorry i m not familier with this. now only i m trying to learn it.

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