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How can I establish CAN communication using Simulink and TI F28379D processor?

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Khashayar Olia
Khashayar Olia le 27 Fév 2017
Commenté : Walter Roberson le 27 Déc 2017
Hi, I'm using Simulink to program TI F28379D processors to establish CAN communication. Right now I'm able to transmit messages over CAN and monitor it with oscilloscope but I can't read it with Vector CANalyzer or other CAN transceivers. The problem is the CAN high and low signals are identical while they are supposed to be differential. Check this out:
I don't see any wrong configuration in my settings, but here is a screen shot just in case:
Does anybody know why I'm not getting differential signals?
Thanks, Kash
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Khashayar Olia
Khashayar Olia le 27 Déc 2017
Yes, I was. The problem is the TI F28379D Launchpad doesn't have the CAN transceiver so I was monitoring the CAN messages at the MCU side from which CAN+ and CAN- is supposed to be identical. You need to buy a CAN transceiver evaluation module such as SN65HVD257EVM and connect CAN+ and CAN- to it then it provides CAN_H and CAN_L differential signals for you.
Regards, --Kash
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 27 Déc 2017
Thank you for the information, Khashayar Olia

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