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Error in abf2load (line 14) - cmd = sprintf('Abf2Tmp %s',fn); % Not enough input arguments %

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I am trying to load an 'abf2' file using following code. But I am getting an error "not enough input arguments" in line 'cmd = sprintf('Abf2Tmp %s',fn)'. Can anyone help me with this?
function [data, metadata] = abf2load(fn) % function [data, metadata]=abf2load(fn) % this will load abf 2.0 files % in order for it to work you must have Abf2Tmp.exe and the dll in your % active directory.
cmd = sprintf('Abf2Tmp %s',fn);
tmpfname = sprintf('%s.txt',fn);
data = load(tmpfname,'v1');
metaDataFName = sprintf('%s-md.txt',fn);
tabchar = sprintf('\t');
fid = fopen (metaDataFName,'r');
metadata = struct(); %start as an empty struct
while 1
%cycle through all the lines in the file and add all data to the
%metadata struct
tline = fgetl(fid);
if ~ischar(tline), break, end
valOffset = findstr(tline, tabchar);
mdName = tline(1:valOffset-1);
c = mdName(1);
valOffset=[valOffset, size(tline,2)];
for i=1:size(valOffset,2)-1
mdVal = tline(valOffset(i)+1:valOffset(i+1));
if (strcmp(c,'f') || strcmp(c,'n') || strcmp(c,'l') || strcmp(c,'u') || strcmp(c,'b') )
val = str2num(mdVal);
val = {mdVal};
if (i > 1)
metadata.(mdName) = [metadata.(mdName),val];
metadata.(mdName) = val;
%clean up
cmd = sprintf('del %s', tmpfname); %command to delete the temp data file
cmd = sprintf('del %s', metaDataFName); % command to delete the metadata file

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Jan le 14 Mar 2017
The problem is the calling command, most likely. How do you call this function? You require
[data, metadata] = abf2load(Str)
with a matching value for the string variable "Str". How do you call this function?
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Jan le 14 Mar 2017
Modifié(e) : Jan le 14 Mar 2017
@ishita: While it does not matter, why you call the code, it matters how you do this. Do you provide the needed input argument or do you press the "Run" button of the compiler? In the last case there is no input in general and you would see the mentioned error message.
ishita agrawal
ishita agrawal le 15 Mar 2017
I was pressing "RUN" button. I got the point now. Thak you.

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