what's wrong in this save command : save ./file1/FILE B -ASCII ?

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chocho le 14 Avr 2017
Commenté : chocho le 14 Avr 2017
Hi, guys, I have used this command to save FILE as text-file, but sadly i got this error. i google it and checked many source code using save but only find this format save(filename) however i need this command to work in my issue
Error using save
Cannot create 'FILE' because './file1' does not exist.
note thats i'm using MATLAB R2012a
plz, I appreciated any help.
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Stephen23 le 14 Avr 2017
Modifié(e) : Stephen23 le 14 Avr 2017
save ./file1/FILE B -ASCII
Clearly there is no such folder file1 in the location given (which is the current directory, and possibly not the location that you think it is). However, that is not MATLAB's fault: you are telling it to save a file in a location that does not exist. What do you want to happen?
chocho le 14 Avr 2017
@Stephen Cobeldick I strongly appreciate your help bro you save me a lot !

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