Audio Plugin importation in Protools10 all black window.

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Audio plugin creation from audio system toolbox works well. No issues with DAWs interworking (eg Ableton), except Protools. Does anybody know why Protools10 (32bits) imports the generated vst with plugin´s windows all black? Seems something related with video card, but only happens with the Audio System Toobox´s vst. System used is WIN7. Thanks Pablo

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Gabriele Bunkheila
Gabriele Bunkheila on 3 May 2017
Hi Pablo,
I work at MathWorks so I thought I'd take a stab at this. Pro Tools only supports their own proprietary plugin formats and does not support VST plugins directly. However, on the web you can find numerous examples of third-party applications that provide some form of wrapping and expose VST plugins with a different plugin format. We have not tested any of those directly, however I realized that Avid lists a particular VST-to-RTAS converter (linking to as supported for Pro Tools 10, so I guessed that could be the one you tried.
On the reference page for VST TO RTAS ADAPTER V2, I noticed that officially it only supports VST 2.3, and I know Audio System Toolbox generates plugins in VST 2.4 format. I wonder whether that could be the source of the issue.
Other thoughts:
  • Ensure you generate a 32-bit plugin by using the -win32 flag with generateAudioPlugin
  • The VST plugins generated by Audio System Toolbox do not come with a custom UI and instead they rely on the default UI rendered by the host environment. I am not sure whether this format conversion workflow still allows default UI rendering, so that would be something else to check
I hope this helps.
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Pablo Panitta
Pablo Panitta on 3 May 2017
Edited: Pablo Panitta on 3 May 2017
Thanks a lot Gabriele. Yes, I´m using FXpansion as VST_RTAS converter engine of plugins generated in 32b. I haven´t realized about VST format version difference and really seems to be the root cause of the issue, as stated by FXpansion in the following link:
May be in the future, the code they´re able to offer to manufacters developers can be incorporated :-)
BR Pablo

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