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David du Preez
David du Preez le 12 Mai 2017
Hi. I have 2924 x 2 matrix. In column 1 is the daily datenum value from 2007-2016. These in are not necessarily continues as some data points have been removed. In column 2 is the data. I want to plot the data and indicate the years on the x-axis. I have tried this but it doens't work.

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KSSV le 12 Mai 2017
% make some random data
startDate = datenum('02-01-1962');
endDate = datenum('11-15-2012');
x = datenum(linspace(startDate,endDate,50));
y = rand(1,50) ;
data = [x' y'] ;

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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins le 12 Mai 2017
In MATLAB R2014b or later (and especially in R2016b or later), consider using datetimes, not datenums.
startDate = datetime('01-Feb-1962');
endDate = datetime('15-Nov-2012');
x = linspace(startDate,endDate,50);
y = rand(1,50);
This figure automatically updates the ticks as you pan and zoom.


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