How can I output a processed video stream back to android phone?

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Sara le 22 Juin 2017
I am working on a augmented reality demo in matlab. I'm getting the video stream from the camera of a connected Android phone, processing it in Matlab in real time (the tracking and augmentation) and I want to present the output on the screen of the Android phone. Do you know how can I do that?

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ghassan sharaf
ghassan sharaf le 13 Mai 2018
hello I am facing exactly the same problem, did you find any solutions

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 13 Mai 2018
Generally the approach to take for this is to switch to using a Simulink model, and use a camera block to capture images, and use a video display block to display the augmented image.
In-between you can use a MATLAB Function Block to invoke the MATLAB processing code. You might need to make some adjustments to the code to make it suitable for use with Acceleration mode.


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