Remove rows by time with datenum

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David du Preez
David du Preez le 14 Juil 2017
Modifié(e) : dbmn le 14 Juil 2017
Hi.I have a mx15 matrix. In column 1 are datenum values (datenum(Y,M,D,H,MN,S)). I want to remove rows if the time is earlier than 11:00 or later than 14:00. How would one do that ?

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dbmn le 14 Juil 2017
Modifié(e) : dbmn le 14 Juil 2017
assuming that A is your matrix with A(:,1) the column of your datenums, then simply do
% Determine which rows to delete
% (note that the "hours" of datenum are behind the decimal point)
% hence we do mod 1 to just get that number
rows_to_delete = mod(A(:,1),1)<11/24 | mod(A(:,1),1)>14/24;
% Delete them
A(rows_to_delete, :) = [];
Or if you are using a newer version of matlab you could get to some extra comfort and use datetime
% Convert to datetime
new_time = datetime(A(:,1), 'ConvertFrom', 'datenum');
% Determine which rows to delete
rows_to_delete = hour(new_time)<11 | hour(new_time)>14;
% Delete them
A(rows_to_delete, :) = [];

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