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Read the data from specific line from multiple files.

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Tez on 16 Jul 2017
Commented: Tez on 17 Jul 2017
I have sequence of data files(".tab" files), each file with more than 11100 rows and 236 columns. In each file first few lines are headerlines and I have to skip those lines. The data begins from different lines in each file. How can I read only the data values from all the files upto the end of file? Also I have to read some of the variable columns from all the files. How can it be done? I had written a code for it. But it does not work properly. It takes too much time to run the program and the variable values are not taken. I am attaching one of my file here.
clear all;
for i=1:28
files(i).values=textscan(fid(i), '%s','delimiter','','HeaderLines',296,'MultipleDelimsAsOne',1);
dataArray = textscan(files(i).name,formatSpec, 'Delimiter', '', 'WhiteSpace', '', 'ReturnOnError', false);
raw = repmat({''},length(dataArray{1}),length(dataArray)-1);
for k=1:11900;l=1:236;
raw(k,l) = raw(length(dataArray{1}),length(dataArray)-1);
n = str2double(raw(:, 2));
h = str2double(raw(:, 197));
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Tez on 17 Jul 2017
All the files in the folder are opened. Each file has 236 columns and each column contain both NaN and numerical values.But the variables(eg: n,h) in the columns shows only NaN while running the code. I have to read some of the variable columns (eg: columns 2, 5,197 etc)from each file. What should I do for it?

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