Import data to splinetool create spline with function

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Gavin Seddon
Gavin Seddon le 15 Août 2017
Commenté : Gavin Seddon le 23 Août 2017
Hello, initially I created a spline with cftool. Is it possible to import the same data to splinetool and generate the function? GS.
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Gavin Seddon
Gavin Seddon le 16 Août 2017
Hello, I should mention that I only want to provide evidence of a trigonometric spline so it is mainly importing data and if possible some evidence sine or cosine being used in the knot. GS.

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Faiz Gouri
Faiz Gouri le 17 Août 2017
I understand that you have created a spline using 'cftool' and would like to use the same in 'splinetool'. You can do so by taking a function handle and use it in 'splinetool' An example follows: You can construct a cubic spline interpolant that matches the cosine function at the following sites x, using the csapi command.
x = 2*pi*[0 1 .1:.2:.9];
y = cos(x);
cs = csapi(x,y);
You can then view the interpolating spline by using fnplt and get its handle-
h = fnplt(cs,2);
Now, you can use 'h' in 'splinetool' when it prompts you to import your own data.
Hope this helps!
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Gavin Seddon
Gavin Seddon le 21 Août 2017
Yes this works, thank you.
Gavin Seddon
Gavin Seddon le 23 Août 2017
Is it possible to use all the x data from a table for input to this ? GS.

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