Check for missing entry in data points with certain rule

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Poulomi Ganguli
Poulomi Ganguli le 6 Sep 2017
I have a matrix of time series as attached, in which the first column is the year, 2nd month, 3rd is day, 4th and 5th columns are the values. Currently, I have attached a sample of only the year 1960, likewise I have years till 2000 with values. I want to check whether there is atleast 6-months of data entry and at least 20-days entries for each month. If this satisfy this rule certain calculation will be performed, otherwise it will move to next year. I tried the code in foll.way, however, it is giving me time series of only January instead of January to December.
[unqMonth,~,Month_ID] = unique(QYrly(:,2));
Monly = size(unqMonth,1)>=6; % Check for atleast 6-months of data entry
Dly = histc(QYrly(:,2),unqMonth)>=20; % Checks for atleast 20 days entries for each month
Qout = QYrly(ismember(Month_ID,find(Monly)) & ismember(Month_ID,find(Dly)),:);
Any help?
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Poulomi Ganguli
Poulomi Ganguli le 6 Sep 2017
Modifié(e) : Poulomi Ganguli le 6 Sep 2017
Ok I solved it using a simple loop:
if (Monly==1 & any(Dly ~= 0))
QOut = QYrly;
else QOut = [];

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