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How to Synchronize timetable?

Asked by Ioannis Tsikriteas on 9 Sep 2017
Latest activity Answered by Peter Perkins
on 14 Sep 2017
Hi, i have a timetable which has a lot of sub tables in. For example x(1,1)....x(1,k) where k is up to 200!
When i try to synchronize them using the following command TT = synchronize(x{k},TT); i get the result in the picture
The problem is that i want to join all my results at one column not at columns as in the pic!
Hope i described correct my problem!


Do you want just one column at just one table?
All of my "sub tables" i want to be added in only one column (TT.Var1) at the TT table!

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1 Answer

Answer by Peter Perkins
on 14 Sep 2017

Ioannis, you'll need to provide a small, clear example of what you have and what you want.


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