Filter Design Basics

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Matlab2010 le 16 Avr 2012
I have a simple filter H(z) = 1 - z^-1
I can see my filter by writing:
b = [1 -1];
what I would like to know is how to get this into the format for the filter design toolbox.
In my case, what would i be passing to fdesign.m, or design.m.
I know they should give the same answer, but with a different plot.
Or is it not possible to get the plotyy output if you know your filter coefficents?
thank you!!

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Wayne King
Wayne King le 16 Avr 2012
Are you saying you already know the filter coefficients? In
H(z) = 1-z^{-1}
you have a high pass filter and you can create a filter object like design() would produce with:
Hd = dfilt.df1([1 -1],1);
If you do not already have the filter coefficients, then you can design the filter with fdesign and design and obtain the coefficients.
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Matlab2010 le 16 Avr 2012
Yes I already have the coefficents.
The above is great. thank you.
One question -- the output does not give me a phase response? Can I get it to?
Wayne King
Wayne King le 16 Avr 2012
Yes, you can do:
[phi,w] = phasez(Hd);
% or
b = [1 -1];
[phi,w] = phasez(b,1);

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