To show lat lon limit on map axes

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Poulomi Ganguli
Poulomi Ganguli le 13 Oct 2017
I want to show latitude longitude limit and at a particular interval. Right now it just show a fixed latitude line 60 degree North and 0 degree longitude as attached. So far, I have used foll. code:
load coastlines;
latlim = [min([46 64]) max([46 64])];
lonlim = [min([-12.5 12.5]) max([-12.5 12.5])];
% [latlim, lonlim] = bufgeoquad(latlim, lonlim, 2.0, 2.0);
axesm('lambertstd','MapLatLimit',[46 64],'MapLonLimit',[-12.5 12.5]); % NorthSea limit
axis off;
framem on;
gridm on;
mlabel on;
plabel on;
geoshow(coastlat, coastlon, 'DisplayType', 'polygon', 'FaceColor', 'w');
oceanColor = [.5 .7 .9];
setm(gca, 'FFaceColor', oceanColor);
Any help how to show lat long interval at a say 10 degree for latitude and 5 degree interval for longitude? Also, I want to increase the fontsize.

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