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Will Matlab install on windows 10 IoT

Asked by Björn Skatt on 17 Oct 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 14 Dec 2017
Would the Matlab IDE install on a Windows 10 IoT machine, given that: * All other system requirements are ok ( * All necessary components are added to the W10-IoT-install.


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RPi3 is out -- it is not x64 based which is required for running MATLAB.
I do not know about the case of x64 architecture Windows 10 IoT. I would tend to doubt it would work, but I do not know.
My company deploys standalone measurement PCs for railroad, running compiled Matlab programs. Maintaining a fleet of standalone Win10-Pro is a lot of work. Windows 10 IoT may be a better way, if Matlab is able to support it.
Björn Skatt:
For that purpose, I would probably have investigated Real-Time. Or MATLAB Coder to generate C/C++.
For the RPi3 case that Tim meyer asked about, I would have considered Simulink with the Raspberry Pi support package and Deploy To Target

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