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Matlab Mobile - Extracting my sensor data isnt working properly.

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Daniel Hauch
Daniel Hauch le 26 Oct 2017
Commenté : Bushra le 16 Déc 2023
Hello all,
i am working with matlab mobile and i am facing a rather annoying problem. I dont even know if it is caused by Matlab Mobile/Matlab/Android or my Smartphone. I work with Matlab R2016a.
After i have created a successful connection between the smartphone and matlab and logged some data, i want to extract it via [Accel, t_Accel] = accellog(m). But the results i get seem to be corrupt/broken. The timevector isnt contiguous and i receive too few data. If i shake my phone for like 15 seconds and the contiguous party of timevec imply a frequency of ~12 Hz my Datamatrix is only 70x3 and not ~180x3 as i would expect.
Does anyone of you know where my problem occurs from? I tested 2 different smartphones and controlling matlab mobile on the smartphone and in matlab with console commands (m.Logging =1 ; m.Logging =0;) and i still get similar problems.
I hope someone has a smart idea.

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Daniel Hauch
Daniel Hauch le 30 Oct 2017
I fixed the problem!
If anyone is interested, i will write a quick report.
Making timevector contiguous: delete old mobiledev and create a new one. I dont know why this problem occurs, but this is a simple fix.
Receive logged data completly: Matlab Mobile needs quite some time to postprocess the logged data. Therefore you have to wait some time until the log-functions return vectors with the appropiate length. I automated this process with the code showing below:
t_Accel_old = 0;
while true
%get data from mobiledev and save in var
[Accel, t_Accel] = accellog(m);
if length(t_Accel_old)==length(t_Accel)
t_Accel_old = t_Accel;
I hope my explanation is helpful and saves someone some time.
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Bushra le 16 Déc 2023
clear all;
clear a;
a = arduino('COM5', 'Uno');
fs = 100; % Sample Rate in Hz
imu = mpu6050(a,'SampleRate',fs,'OutputFormat','matrix');
ts = tic;
stopTimer = 50;
while(toc(ts) < stopTimer)
[accel,gyro] = read(imu);
GyroscopeNoiseMPU9250 = 3.0462e-06; % GyroscopeNoise (variance value) in units of rad/s
AccelerometerNoiseMPU9250 = 0.0061; % AccelerometerNoise (variance value) in units of m/s^2
viewer = HelperOrientationViewer('Title',{'AHRS Filter'});
FUSE = ahrsfilter('SampleRate',imu.SampleRate, 'GyroscopeNoise',GyroscopeNoiseMPU9250,'AccelerometerNoise',AccelerometerNoiseMPU9250);
stopTimer = 100;
ts = tic;
while(toc(ts) < stopTimer)
[accel,gyro] = read(imu);
% Align coordinates in accordance with NED convention
accel = [-accel(:,2), -accel(:,1), accel(:,3)];
gyro = [gyro(:,2), gyro(:,1), -gyro(:,3)];
rotators = FUSE(accel,gyro);
for j = numel(rotators)
I am reading data from mpu6050 using arduino in MATLAB. I am receiving this error
Error using mpu6050_Arduino12
Command logs are not supported for sensors. Create the hardware Object with property 'TraceOn' disabled.
Can you help me with that?

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