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xlabel and ylabel is not visible in surf plot

Asked by Pankaj
on 27 Oct 2017
Latest activity Answered by Lionel Amuzu on 23 Aug 2019
When I 3D plot using surf() and try to rotate using Rotate 3D tool, my xlabel and ylabel gets disappeared. This happens frequently with me, so I have to adjust my view such that the labels are visible. Any suggestions?
I am using Matlab 2016b

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on 27 Oct 2017
I cannot reproduce the problem on my R2016b. Could you post an example code, and the concerned angles? Does the problem happen with the view command also?

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1 Answer

Answer by Lionel Amuzu on 23 Aug 2019

You can insert an axis label (xlabel) by using 'Insert' at the top of the figure window after you ru your code.


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