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hi , iam trying to find the FWHM for every peaks i have found , if you can help me to find FWHM for every peaks in the following graph in the following code when you run it that would be great

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clc; close all; close all;
load instru.txt
channels = instru(:,1);
totcounts = instru(:,2);
%plot(channels , totcounts)
%time = 'insert the time ';
%T = input(time)
totcounting = totcounts/120;
%SOLIDangle = ' insert the solid angle';
%angle = input(SOLIDangle)
x1= 95;
x2 = 530;
y1= 0.24;
y2 = 1.33;
m=(y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1);
for V= 1 : size(channels)
enrgy = m*channels + b;
data= [enrgy,totcounting];
[pks,location]=findpeaks ( totcounting,enrgy )
findpeaks ( totcounting,enrgy ) -------------------------------------------------------------
instru file :- save it as text and name it instru in the attachment

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