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How to plot multiple histograms, each with fitting in a single figure?

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I have 5 datasets. I have to plot the histogram for each of them in a single figure. I want to fit each histogram individually using the normal distribution. I have attached the data along with the image of histograms plotted in a single figure, however, fitting is missing.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza le 20 Mai 2018
Here is a way to produce several histograms side by side as given in the attached image.
% preparing sample dataset
data{1} = rand(1, 1000);
data{2} = 3*rand(1, 1200);
data{3} = 2*rand(1, 800);
data{4} = 5*rand(1, 500);
data{5} = 4*rand(1, 1000);
h = histogram(data{1});
hold on
for i = 2:length(data)
[~,edges] = histcounts(data{i})
h = histogram(data{i} + h.BinEdges(end), h.BinEdges(end) + edges)

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