offset of an STL file

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Faez Alkadi
Faez Alkadi le 27 Déc 2017
Is there anyway to offset STL File in 3D direction. I know surf2solid by Sven turns thin surface to a solid part. But what I'm looking for is to offset STL body. for example, positive offset factor would inflate the shape to get bigger where negative offset factor would deflate the shape to get smaller.
The function transformSTL.m in the IGES Toolbox by Per Bergström does only transform STL. But what I'm looking for is something like offsetIGES.m in the same toolbox except for STL instead of IGES file format.
Is there any function that does that?? Thank you so much

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Kabilan K
Kabilan K le 15 Mar 2019
Did anyone have solved this topic
Could be useful


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