transparency properties in scatterm: Mapping toolbox

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Poulomi Ganguli
Poulomi Ganguli le 6 Jan 2018
Commenté : Poulomi Ganguli le 22 Août 2018
I am interested to set alpha properties on while using scatterm function in mapping toolbox to show overlapping coordinates. Right now I am doing as below:
h1 = scatterm(Lat(1,1),Lon(1,1),Zval(1),'Marker', 'o','MarkerEdgeColor','k','MarkerFaceColor','r','MarkerFaceAlpha',.10);
However, even after turning facealpha properties it does not show up on the map. Please let me know how to make the marker to appear transparent.
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Xel Ch
Xel Ch le 14 Août 2018
Hello, I am trying to do something similar and was wondering if you ever found a solution to this issue? Thanks!
Poulomi Ganguli
Poulomi Ganguli le 22 Août 2018
yes, this is possible by adjusting markerfacealpha properties in MATLAB 2016 version or higher.

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