MATLAB gets stuck in the "Initializing" state during startup from bat file

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I am running win7 and MATLAB 2010B. The MATLAB licence is held on our lab licence server.
When I start MATLAB normally it runs fine. "Initializing" takes a few seconds and then proceeds to "Ready" as expected. Great.
I now ask MATLAB to start through a bat file on Task Scheduler at 3am (say). When I get into the office at 7am (yeah, sure!) I see MATLAB has fired the IDE up fine but has got stuck in the intializing state.
Hence this problem only occurs when running from bat file.
I read the below: I do not have any such MATLAB related system env variables specified, but I do not think this relates to a MATLAB licence held on a server.
I put pause(120) at the start of my matlab file, but it makes no diffference.
I then try and modify my bat file from:
start matlab -r "addpath('D:\CODE\MATLAB\Matlab_Code\startUp');abs_autoStartUp"
start matlab -c 28000@999.999.999.6 -r "addpath('D:\CODE\MATLAB\Matlab_Code\startUp');abs_autoStartUp"
Where the port and the ip address are the ones specified in network.lic in my program files. The path relates to the location of abs_autoStartUp.m.
This seems to make no difference.
any ideas?

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub le 8 Mai 2012
If I remember correctly you were attempting to run the script through Task Scheduler with auto login. Just a guess here: You are part of an active directory domain and the auto login does not log you into the AD domain.
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Friedrich le 10 Mai 2012
So ML starts at least. I doubt thats a license issue than. What does your abs_autoStartUp.m file do? What happens when specify no -r flag? Does MATLAb does start as it should?
Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub le 10 Mai 2012
@Friedrich see the reposted question

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