MATLAB gets stuck in the "Initializing" state during startup from bat file

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I am running win7 and MATLAB 2010B. The MATLAB licence is held on our lab licence server.
When I start MATLAB normally it runs fine. "Initializing" takes a few seconds and then proceeds to "Ready" as expected. Great.
I now ask MATLAB to start through a bat file on Task Scheduler at 3am (say). When I get into the office at 7am (yeah, sure!) I see MATLAB has fired the IDE up fine but has got stuck in the intializing state.
Hence this problem only occurs when running from bat file.
I read the below: I do not have any such MATLAB related system env variables specified, but I do not think this relates to a MATLAB licence held on a server.
I put pause(120) at the start of my matlab file, but it makes no diffference.
I then try and modify my bat file from:
start matlab -r "addpath('D:\CODE\MATLAB\Matlab_Code\startUp');abs_autoStartUp"
start matlab -c 28000@999.999.999.6 -r "addpath('D:\CODE\MATLAB\Matlab_Code\startUp');abs_autoStartUp"
Where the port and the ip address are the ones specified in network.lic in my program files. The path relates to the location of abs_autoStartUp.m.
This seems to make no difference.
This is running on a stand alone machine, not connected to a domain.
(apologies, as this is a "repost" as it was accidentially accepted as being correct the first time round).
any ideas?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 8 Mai 2012

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Matlab2010 le 16 Mai 2012
just spoke to matlab about this.
When calling matlab from the command line and going straight into a function, matlab will stay in the intializing state as it takes the function being called as part of the intialization.
Their opinion is that this shouldn't effect anything else.
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub le 16 Mai 2012
Good to know. When asked a reasonable question, the technical support from TMW is generally very good.

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub le 9 Mai 2012
More questions than answers, but I will throw them out as an answer:
In the morning after the machine has been rebooted from the Task Scheduler can you launch MATLAB?
Does the license server get powered down at 3am?
What about if your bat file "sleeps" for a couple of minutes after rebooting so the network can come up?
Can you contact the license server from the bat file?
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub le 11 Mai 2012
Are you really typing "start" at the dos command prompt and then "matlab"?
Matlab2010 le 11 Mai 2012
my above answer is DOS
2. Copy and paste the whole line of code in.
3. hit enter.
4. Watch matlab start and stay in the intializing mode.

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub le 11 Mai 2012
1. open DOS
2. type
matlab -r "addpath('D:\CODE\MATLAB\Matlab_Code\startUp');abs_autoStartUp"
3. hit enter
Critical to this is not to use "start"
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub le 14 Mai 2012
That works fine for me. I would think about creating a new temporary user and seeing if it works for that user. If it doesn't, then contact technical support with all the details you have given here.
Matlab2010 le 15 Mai 2012
and you are using a licence sever?

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