boxplot in combination with point value

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Poulomi Ganguli
Poulomi Ganguli le 18 Jan 2018
Hello, I have a group of data as below:
X1 0.3 1.3
X1 0.37 1.06
X1 0.24 1.08
X1 0.35 1.09
X2 0.37 1.08
X2 0.4 1.32
X3 0.36 1.34
X3 0.38 1.55
X4 0.78 1.35
I want to plot a boxplot for the group X1, X2 and X3, and since group X4 comprises only a single value, I want to show it as a single point on the same X-axes of the same figure. Also, I want to put label on X-axes for each group. Any help?

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