Calling a function with vector as input

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Ahmad Hasnain
Ahmad Hasnain on 6 Feb 2018
Commented: Ahmad Hasnain on 7 Feb 2018
I have a function: function [U] = FE (nelx, nely, o) As nelx=4, nely=4 and o=2 I could simply call it by writing FE(4,4,2). But now I have another input function [U] = FE (nelx, nely, o, k) k is a 16x1 vector. As its not a scalar value, its an array of 16 values. How do I call this function? FE(4,4,2,?)
Ahmad Hasnain
Ahmad Hasnain on 7 Feb 2018
OK, thanks. I will try it in my program. I am using Matlab after maybe 8 years. So with practice, I will get better.

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