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How can I correct this error on Octav ?

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Mallouli Marwa
Mallouli Marwa on 17 Apr 2018
Closed: Walter Roberson on 17 Apr 2018
I have got this error on Octav:" trapz: X and Y must have same shape"
In the program I have : alpha_ks(:,km) = sum ( trapz(x,squared_derive(:,km) ) );
Where x= linspace (linspace(0,L,100);
And for km= 4 second_derive (:,km) = (((cos (beta(km)*L) + cosh(beta(km)*L))/( sin(beta(km)*L) - sinh(beta(km)*L))) * beta(km)^2 * (-cos(beta(km)*x) - cosh(beta(km)*x))+ beta(km)^2 *(-sin(beta(km)*x) - sinh(beta(km)*x)));
squared_derive (:,km) = second_derive(:,km).^2;
Taking into account that this program is correct in Matlab.
Please help me.

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