Error while using plotyy function

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Poulomi Ganguli
Poulomi Ganguli le 16 Mai 2018
Modifié(e) : the cyclist le 16 Mai 2018
Hello: I am using plotyy function with indexing:
X = B_SLR(:,1); Y = B_SLR(:,2); Y1 = B_HighQ(:,4);
kdx = B_SLR(:,4) < 0.10; mdx = B_HighQ(:,4) < 0.10;
plotyy(X(kdx),Y(kdx),'bo-','lineWidth',2,'MarkerEdgeColor','b','MarkerFaceColor','b',X(kdx),Y1(mdx),'ro-','lineWidth',2,'MarkerEdgeColor','r','MarkerFaceColor','r'); hold on;
plotyy(X(kdx),Y(~kdx),'bo-','lineWidth',2,X(kdx),Y1(~mdx),'ro-'); hold on;
in which X,Y and Y1 are 10x4 matrices. I am imposing certain criteria for indexing, such as, if a particular value in column 4 in matrices Y and Y1 are less than 0.10 the markerfacecolor will be filled and if not then it will be unfilled with any color. However, while using plotyy function I am encountering foll. error:
plotyy error Argument must contain a character vector or function handle.
I am unaware of any other ways to plot secondary Y-axes other than plotyy. Any help in this regard?
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the cyclist
the cyclist le 16 Mai 2018
Can you upload a MAT file with the variables, so that we can try your code ourselves?

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the cyclist
the cyclist le 16 Mai 2018
Modifié(e) : the cyclist le 16 Mai 2018
Read the documentation for plotyy a bit more carefully. The first four arguments are supposed to be vectors with data.
If you have version R2016a or later, the preferred way to do this is with yyaxis.

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