How to compile C++14 code in mex (Mac OS)

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Janos Buttgereit
Janos Buttgereit le 23 Mai 2018
a library included in my mex file uses C++14 features, so trying to simply compile my files in the mex fails with errors like these:
error: 'auto' return without trailing return type; deduced return types are a C++14 extension
So, is there a way to enable C++14 when building a mex? As my compiler supports it, I wonder if there is any reason this shouldn't be working?

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Nathan Zimmerberg
Nathan Zimmerberg le 23 Nov 2019
I did the following to add C++14 features
mex -v CXXFLAGS='$CXXFLAGS -std=c++14' geograv_wrapper.cpp -R2018a


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