Why does javaclasspath.txt not set the static javaclasspath when I re-start MATLAB

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Here's a neat shortcut to restart MATLAB shared ed by Sean de Wolski . I added a shortcut onto my desktop to do just this!
But here's my problem:
Suppose I start MATLAB normally my static javaclasspath matches the file javaclasspath.txt stored in my userpath. Now I type at the command line
system('matlab &');
and a new instance of MATLAB gets going but this one has a different static javaclasspath - items that I added in my javaclasspath.txt don't appear and consequently my database links don't work.
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Julian le 12 Juin 2018
More info
Turns out that the javaclasspath.txt isn't read in if MATLAB starts in a different folder to that of userpath. I get the same behaviour by double-clicking on a MAT file in some other folder on my system. When MATLAB starts it always runs startup.m in my userpath, it adds my userpath onto the MATLAB path and it can locate javaclasspath.txt using the which command, although it does not set javaclasspath using this file.....

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Julian le 12 Juin 2018
Answering my own question (because it showed up on the automated Related Content search) - see this Answer

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