How can I call some line in an excell file ?

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In a program Matlab I called this excell file but I want the file from line 19
without delating the other lines.
The attached file is the excell file.
Please help me.
Mallouli Marwa
Mallouli Marwa on 12 Jun 2018
I have found this error:
syntax error
And the program is:
cd Z:\
load 'DATA.CSV';
num = xlsread(Z:\/to/DATA.CSV)

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Accepted Answer

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 12 Jun 2018
"I want the file from line 19" -- What does this mean? Is there a file name on line 19? (Sorry but I can't open files on this device to look myself.) Either way you can specify how much of the file you want to read by using offsets or range specification.
rowoffset = 18;
coloffset = 0;
file = csvread(filename,rowoffset,coloffset,[19 0 19 end]);
I'm not sure if end will technically work there for the column range definition, and I'm also fairly sure that you don't want to specify a row offset and start at range 19 (pretty sure that will put you at row 37), but using it as an example of how you can do things.
If you are trying to read some data other than a numeric value you can use a similar range definition in xlsread, as csvread only interprets numeric data.
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 13 Jun 2018
If you only want one value then just set [19 0 19 1] as your range.

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Mallouli Marwa
Mallouli Marwa on 12 Jun 2018
Line 19 contain one numerical data.
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Mallouli Marwa
Mallouli Marwa on 13 Jun 2018
error: called from print_usage at line 91 column 5 csvread at line 39 column 5 Call_Line_Excell at line 7 column 6

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