Error using ==> rdivide

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Matlab2010 le 11 Juin 2012
w = randn(10, 51300);
w = w./ sum(w,1);
i get
??? Error using ==> rdivide
Matrix dimensions must agree.
For each column of 10 elements, I wish to divide each element by sum(w,1).
How can I do this without using a for loop? thanks

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the cyclist
the cyclist le 11 Juin 2012
Use the bsxfun() function:
>> w = bsxfun(@rdivide,w,sum(w,1));

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath le 13 Juin 2012
clear all, clc
w = randn(2, 3)
w1 = w./ repmat(sum(w),2,1)
w2 = bsxfun(@rdivide,w,sum(w))
e12 = norm(w1-w2)
Hope this helps.


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