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Machine Learning-Mean Normalization

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Ioannis Tsikriteas
Ioannis Tsikriteas on 4 Aug 2018
Hi, I have the folowing problem!
In order to train my algorithm i aply Mean Normalization on my training data.
Then, on the trained algorithm i try to predict using my Validation data with a very good performance (low rmse).
The problem is when i try to unnormalize my data, which means to have the predicted data without the mean this part my result is gone!!!!
To be more specific i apply mean normalization on my training data (x=(TrainData-Mean)./(Max-Min)) and i train the algorithm. Then i apply Mean Normalization on my Validation Data (y=(ValData-mean)./(max-min)) and i apply the prediction on y.
The problem is that i don't know which Mean/mean, and Max-Min/max-min should i add and multiply on my predicted data (ypred) in order to have a correct prediction according my original data!
I tried both but the result was totally wrong. What is my mistake in the process?


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