Queue Output Data For Multiple Channels Separately

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Hakan Caldag
Hakan Caldag le 9 Août 2018
Hey everyone, I am trying to control the currents sent to several pairs of Helmholtz coils using Data Acquisition Toolbox. I have a total of 6 separate channels. I can use queueOutputData to queue desired signal but my question is whether it is possible to queue signal for some coils first and then queuing some other coils with a separate command. Documentation shows queuing to multiple channels at once but I want to do two different queue actions. I tried defining two separate sessions with createSession command but it doesn't work. I can also queue 0 A for the pairs I don't want to give anything at first but I don't want to do it that way due to the way I am planning to use the code. (Note: I want to queue for the first 4 channels first and queue the last 2 channels later if it will help.)

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