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Convert gridded data to coordinate matrix

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Kai le 21 Août 2018
Commenté : Kai le 21 Août 2018
Hello, I was wondering if there is some Matlab command to convert gridded data to a coordinate matrix. For instance, I have
X = -1:0.2:1;
Y = -1:0.2:1;
M = rand(11,11);
and M(i,j) represents the z-value of (X(i),Y(j)) (which is random in here, but usually this will be the value under some function F(x,y) of course). Now I would like to convert M to a matrix C of size 11*11 times 3, each row giving the coordinates of one grid point specified by M. I could run some for-loops and define the rows one by one, but I was wondering if there is some specific Matlab command for this.

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Julie le 21 Août 2018
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Julie le 21 Août 2018
Kai le 21 Août 2018
Perfect, thank you!

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