How to calculate confidence interval for normal-uniform pdf.

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Jakub Wojturski
Jakub Wojturski le 22 Août 2018
Commenté : Jeff Miller le 23 Août 2018
Hello. I need to calculate 95% confidence interval for normal-uniform shape of pdf, given as a [1,10000] vector. This type of pdf is used in evaluation of measurement uncertainty. Thanks for help!
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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller le 23 Août 2018
You may need to supply more information to get help. For me, the questions would be:
1. What do you mean by "a confidence interval for a pdf"? Usually confidence intervals are computed for distribution parameters, not for entire pdfs.
2. What is the normal-uniform distribution?
3. What is in the [1,10000] vector?
4. What is the format of the data from which you want to compute the CI? Are these individual observations from the distribution, probabilities of observations being in certain bins, ...?

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