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How can i use hysteresis based SMC dc-dc boost converter in microgrid?

Asked by He WenBin on 27 Aug 2018
hi everyone i am simulating dc-dc boost converter (24V/48V) using SMC. i want to use it for microgrid. I have derived hysteresis based equations of SMC control to adjust kp1 and kp2 for underdamped (0.2) with wn=1.25k, Ts=4ms, alpha>>1/rLC. but output voltage deviation is more (i.e. 3.81V, 7.94%). 1. How can i adjust kp1,kp2 to address it. 2. How can i use this control scheme for droop and internal loop (voltage current) control for direct power control in microgrid. 3. Should i compare it with Pi based control and for which parameters?


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