Calculate the resultant vector for 3 axis of data

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Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson le 4 Sep 2018
Commenté : Samuel Louise le 28 Jan 2019
I have an 9 axis sensor and I have the data in matlab. I am wanting to calculate the resultant vector of acceleration, the resultant angular velocity for gyroscope.. and magnetometer.
In excel i would simply SQRT(accx^2+accy^2+accz^2) . this would be the resultant.
My question is how do i calculate this? Then, how do I automatically calculate this for every data point?
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Samuel Louise
Samuel Louise le 28 Jan 2019
Hi I am just wondering which MPU you are using for reading the data because i am having difficulties to read data out of the MPU 9250?
Thank you
From SAM

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KSSV le 4 Sep 2018
% some random data for demo
accx = rand(10,1) ;
accy = rand(10,1) ;
accz = rand(10,1) ;
R = sqrt(accx.^2+accy.^2+accz.^2) ;
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Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson le 6 Sep 2018
ok thankyou, that makes sense. It worked perfectly!

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