Recreating MATLAB RegressionLayer as custom RegressionLayer?

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Jake le 9 Oct 2018
MATLAB Documentation ( says the regression layer using the half-mean-squared-error as the loss function in the regression layer. I'd like to replicate this layer myself, similar to the MAE loss function tutorial (, so that I can ultimately start tweaking it. For now though, I just want to replicate it exactly.
I think the correct (GPU implemented) loss function in the fowardLoss layer would be as follows:
R = size(Y,3); MSE = sum((Y-T).*(Y-T),3)/(R*2); N = size(Y,4); loss = sum(MSE)/N;
However, I'm not sure about the backwardLoss implementation. My best guess would be:
R = size(Y,3); N = size(Y,4); dLdY = (Y-T)/(N*R);
Is this correct?

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