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Replacing 2 elements with each other randomly?

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IBM watson
IBM watson on 22 Oct 2018
Commented: the cyclist on 22 Oct 2018
Like : a=[2 4 5 242 24] ------> a'=[2 242 5 4 24]
my code is :
rndm= myset(randperm(length(myset),2))
neighbor(rndm(1))= myset(rndm(2));
It is working but sometimes i get out of bounds error. Because the myset vector includes elements like 234. If big numbers elements (like 242) have chosen by randomly then rndm(1) will be equal to 242. So myset(242) is out of bounds for sure.


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Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 22 Oct 2018
a = [2 4 5 242 24];
r = randperm(length(a));
b = a;
b([r(1) r(2)]) = a([r(2) r(1)]);


the cyclist
the cyclist on 22 Oct 2018
I didn't look at your solution carefully, but it looks like the only essential difference is that you did
rndm = myset(randperm(length(myset),2))
where you should have done just
rndm = randperm(length(myset),2)

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