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Hi, how to adding value to array in existing array ?

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Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 23 Oct 2018
Edited: Oman Wisni on 6 Nov 2018
I have aray containing headers and values from some feature extractions. I also have 275 images. When I run my code, I want the value from the overall extraction of my image to be stored in the same array without deleting the extraction value of the previous image feature. below I created a code that only stores feature extraction values from one image, when I run the code for the next image, the previous value disappears. Please help me to complete my code. Thanks
header = {'area','perimeter','roundness','solidity','slimness','rectangu','NF','RPD'};
classinfo = {Area Perimeter Round Slimness Rect soli NF RPD RPLW};
Fitur = [header; classinfo];


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Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 23 Oct 2018
yes Sir, because function feature_vec in another script. I only call the function in there. sorry before I not tell it. Yes sir I will follow your code. thank you
Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng on 23 Oct 2018
Does it working for you? if yes, kindly accept my answer.
Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 23 Oct 2018
of course sir, I received all your answers.

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Accepted Answer

Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng on 23 Oct 2018
Edited: Kevin Chng on 23 Oct 2018
Solution is to save the array in .mat file, therefore, for next time to run the script, it will load the mat file, and add new value to the variable/table in the .mat file.
%save in array matlab
load Fitur.mat
catch me
if exist('Fitur','var')~=0
height = size(Fitur,1);
ID = height+1;
Fitur = [];
ID = 1;
classinfo = [ID area perimeter roundness solidity slimness rectangu NF RPD...
RPLW M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 mu deviasi energi entropi smoothness...
contrast homogenitas energi korelation];
Fitur = [Fitur; classinfo];
header = {'ID' 'area','perimeter','roundness','solidity','slimness','rectangu','NF','RPD'...
Fiturtable.Properties.VariableNames = header;


Oman Wisni
Oman Wisni on 6 Nov 2018
Sir, I want to take all the pictures from my folder. I have made a code to take all the pictures and from each of the images I extracted the feature. after getting the value from feature extraction I want to save it in a table that was created. but I got an Error using cellstr.
Here I attached the file sir, please help me to fix my code sir. Thank you sir

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