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Backup licence server ?

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Nick Cummings
Nick Cummings le 7 Nov 2018
Is it possible to have another licence server activated to be used in a disaster recovery scenario ?
To give some background - we ran into some difficulties during a DR test when we deactivated our licence server, brought up a new server and added that MAC address, tested,then tried re-adding our original server. The amount of times you're able to change servers is limited, so we were unable to do so until we got an exception.
Having a redundant server that's a direct copy of the primary would solve this issue.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 7 Nov 2018
Nick, there is something called "Disaster Recovery license file". In order to find out how this works exactly and how to get it, please contact the installation and licensing department at MathWorks. You can start by either calling into the installation support queue or contact your sales person.

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