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Share variables between apps

Asked by Rafael Félix Soriano on 25 Nov 2018
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on 25 Nov 2018
Hi, I am trying to create a programme using app designer that consists of multiple windows where the user enter different variables that a final window would then use. I need a way to share all those variables introduced with the final window, or a way to store them so that they can be later used by the final window. I´ve read and tried the method explained here , but either I am using it wrong, or it is not what I need.


"but either I am using it wrong, or it is not what I need."
It is possible that you are using it incorrectly, but without your code, we have no idea what tried.
I do not have a code, as I tried that method in an example and did not save it. All I need to know is the best way to do what I need. Thanks

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 25 Nov 2018

Try this link: FAQ


I led me to another link where they used assignin and evalin to store the data in the workspace, so thank you. If there is a better solution (this one works quite well for me) please let me know.
@Image Analyst: Although it covers GUIDE extensively, the wiki appears not to have been updated to include best practice for the App Designer. Surely there must be better methods than assignin and evalin.
Image Analyst
on 25 Nov 2018
I never use those two functions. If I ever need to do that, which is rare, then I just write the stuff out to a .mat file. Transferring variables with a .mat file is easy, and fast if you're using solid state drives.
Unfortunately since most of my apps are based on existing apps that I copy and modify, I don't have any App Designer experience yet. But feel free to modify the FAQ if you know how to for App Designer. It is a wiki after all.

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