Undefined operator '-' for input arguments of type 'cell'.

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tahseen alshmary
tahseen alshmary on 4 Dec 2018
Commented: Guillaume on 5 Dec 2018
dear all
i have this error
Undefined operator '-' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in Untitled4 (line 90)
the code is
% calculating tolerance
if ite>100;

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Guillaume on 4 Dec 2018
Your code expect ffmin to be a matrix. We can deduce from the error that it is not, it's a cell array. And indeed subtraction is not defined from a cell array (it's just a container).
So, either that line is wrong and should somehow be able to deal with a cell array, or something wrong happened before (perhaps you gave a cell array as input and your function didn't check that the input was invalid). Either way, with what little information you've given we can't tell you how to solve it.
would fix it. But then the question becomes, why is a cell array used to store scalar numerics?
Guillaume on 5 Dec 2018
Well, as I said, it's most likely that ffmin shouldn't be a cell array. So, you''ve got to find out why it is. Possibly, there's a bug earlier in your code that makes it a cell array. Possibly, you've passed the wrong input to the program. Possibly, something else. We don't have enough information to know.
I would recommend that you step through your code one line at a time in the debugger so you can understand at which step ffmin is made a cell array. Then you should be able to figure out how to fix the problem.

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